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I'm bit confused about the password complexity policy for online free services like email, forums, blogs and etc. If these are free, than what is the need to enforce password complexity policy.

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Welcome to SO! This is a site for programming questions. Go and see FAQ. Your question is not programming related and too vague to be answered properly. There are many reasons for keeping up security in free services including trust of users and respecting law of the country you are in. –  Rafał Rawicki Apr 1 '12 at 15:19

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Most sites hash passwords in a database. By increasing the complexity of the password, you make it harder to crack.

If a user's account is compromised, the attacker would be able to hurt other users, the site, etc.

In addition, because many users use the same password for multiple services, if the password was cracked, then the hacker might have access to the user's paypal, email, etc.

By forcing users to use secure passwords, they keep the user, the site, and the other users safe.

In addition, some country's laws require service providers to make sure that their services are as secure as possible.

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There are several reasons to enforce password complexity:

  1. The provider wishes to make life difficult for spammers and abusers to hijack accounts
  2. The provider wishes to avoid liability for people breaking into your mailbox
  3. The provider wishes to avoid deniability by you for use (abuse) of the service

IMHO, the first reason is the strongest.

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I think; the third one is ultimate. –  babuilyas May 25 '13 at 7:23

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