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I would like to use Date() function in hibernate criteria, since one field is timestamp.

My sql would be:

"select * from feed where DATE(date) = DATE(NOW()) + INTERVAL 5 DAY"

When I try in criteria:

critera.add(Restrictions.eq("DATE(date)", "DATE(NOW()) + INTERVAL 5 DAY"));

I get:

could not resolve property: DATE(date) of: com.mycomapany.model.Feed

I have there in feed a field by the name date.

What is the problem? I am using MySQL

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The best solution is to use the criteria api which you started to use.

Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance(LOCALIZATION);
//Add 5 Days
c.add(Calendar.DATE, 5);
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You could probably find a way to make this work, but in my opinion, this is the wrong way to approach it.

One of the major features of Hibernate is the abstraction of the database-vendor-specific features, via the Hibernate Dialect.

You are attempting to access MySQL features directly, but through the vendor-neutral interface, thus your difficulty. Hibernate could have support for date intervals , but does not - see https://hibernate.onjira.com/browse/HHH-2434

So, the options seem to be:

  • Calculate the date ranges in your code, rather than in the HQL
  • Do what you need to do in SQL rather than HQL
  • Create a custom Hibernate Dialect, as in Performing Date/Time Math In HQL?
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Using Joda Time:

public List<Feed> findByDaysFromToday(int daysFromToday) {
    return em.createQuery(
            "SELECT f FROM Feed f WHERE f.date BETWEEN :start AND :end")
                          new LocalDate()
                          new LocalDate().plusDays(daysFromToday)
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