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When running buildr eclipse builder generates (among others) following entry in .classpath:

<classpathentry kind="var" path="M2_REPO/com/sun/jersey/jersey-core/1.12/jersey-core-1.12.jar" sourcepath="M2_REPO/com/sun/jersey/jersey-core/1.12/jersey-core-1.12-sources.jar" javadocpath="M2_REPO/com/sun/jersey/jersey-core/1.12/jersey-core-1.12-javadoc.jar"/>

The javadoc.jar, however, is missing in M2_REPO. How can I instruct buildr to download all javadocs?

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Run buildr artifacts:javadoc to download the javadocs for all referenced dependencies. buildr artifacts:sources downloads all sources, buildr artifacts downloads both.

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