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I have product model having price as attribute.

This query works fine but need to modify few things.

  @products = Product.search(params[:query], :with => {:price => (params[:price_start].to_s.to_i..params[:price_end].to_s.to_i).to_a}, :page => params[:page], :per_page => 16)

I have some predefined price ranges, current price ranges are:

  • 1-100 Dollars
  • 100-300 Dollars
  • 300-600 Dollars
  • 600+ Dollars

Question is

:with => {:price => (params[:price_start].to_s.to_i..params[:price_end].to_s.to_i).to_a}

is working fine in case of (1-100), (100-300),(300-600). But how to filter for 600+ ranges. How to pass query like:

 :with => {:price > (params[:price_start].to_s.to_i} ie the case when price > 600

I am verifying the user is not changing params that make a long huge array.

How can i modify this query to pass > and < instead of array of price.

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Thinking Sphinx only uses ranges, not greater than/less than symbols.

In my app I do something like this:

value = 23
MyClass.search("itemname", :with => {:price => value..0xffffffff})
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May be :without => {:price => 1..600}?

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