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I'm trying to login users by detecting it's facebook user id. "profile_fbuid" is a (hidden) profile field that I created to login users with the corresponding facebook user id. When a user tries to login with Facebook I detect his/her facebook user id, but when I try to match with corresponding Drupal user this line doesn't work:

    $user_exists = user_load(array('profile_fbuid'=>$fbuserid));

I get this error: user warning: Unknown column 'profile_fbuid'

I know what the error means, but I don't know how can I search a user using a user profile field.

Thanks for your help!

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I think there is no field in table users which called profile_fbuid, so i think u generated this field by user profile module so i think its better to create a query which get the uid of this column profile_fbuid and then pass the uid to user_load() function

$query = db_query("select `uid` from {table_name} where `profile_fbuid` = %d ",$fbuserid );
while($result = db_fetch_object($query)){
 $uid = $result->uid ; 
 $user_exists = user_load(array('uid'=>$uid));

i didn't test this code, good luck

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You created a custom field that is attached to the user profile called profile_fbuid. What you want to do in the database is look for this table:


The relevant columns are entity_id, which will be the (Drupal) user id, and field_profile_fbuid_value, which will contain the value (the Facebook UID).

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