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So I am using nodejs to write this website. Now there is a small chat forum on this page open to all sorts of js,html etc etc injections. Just wondering if you guys are aware of a js script/ library that can sanitize the data I get from the user?

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The node-validator is a node.js library for exactly this purpose (validating and sanitizing strings). Its fairly easy to use and can also do some other things beside escaping tags right (eg. checking and cleaning a string for cross site scripting attempts)


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node-validator moved to github.com/chriso/validator.js –  pje Dec 12 at 1:36

Are you using any libraries such as Prototype.js? It has several functions for escaping or stripping tags that would be safe to use in that situation. I would imagine other similar frameworks have similar string-cleaning functions built-in as well.


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http://code.google.com/p/google-caja/wiki/JsHtmlSanitizer :

The Caja project includes a html-sanitizer written in javascript which can be used independently of the cajoler. You can use it to remove potentially executable javascript from a snippet of html.

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