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ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Class 'Model_Categories' not found
MODPATH/orm/classes/kohana/orm.php [ 37 ]
32  public static function factory($model, $id = NULL)
33  {
34      // Set class name
35      $model = 'Model_'.ucfirst($model);
37      return new $model($id);
38  }
40  /**
41   * "Has one" relationships
42   * @var array

im keeping on having this error... i have no idea how to fix it.

after i uploaded it to the shared host, i keep getting this error i already checked for the following: 1. changed .htaccess RewriteBase and made it

RewriteBase /

2. Also changed bootstrap.php base_url to "/" 3. Checked Model_Categories and it is visibile in the directory

i dont know the error

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Make sure the file that contains "Model_Categories" is called "categories.php" (lowercase) and is in "application/classes/model"

Windows file system is case insensitive but Linux is not which might explain why it works on your machine but not on the remote host.

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exists class / model / categories ? Pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters in name of file.

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