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In my page, the top left image which is logo2.jpg shifts to right, and I want it to be at the same line of menu that is below it. How can I do that?

The page is here, if it helps:

#logo {
margin:0 auto; width: 975px; position:relative;
#top {
position:relative; top:0px; left:0px; width:100%; height:95px;background:url("vocab_dosyalar/back2.jpg") top repeat-x;
#logoicerik {
position:absolute; top:2px; 
#logoicerik2 {
position:absolute; top:2px; left:357px;

    <div id="top">
         <div id="logo" >   
              <div id="logoicerik"><img src="vocab_dosyalar/logo2.jpg" alt="easylang" style="border:0px;"/></div>
              <div id="logoicerik2"><img src="vocab_dosyalar/slogan.jpg" alt="the easiest way to learn english"/></div>
              <div class="header-info" style=" margin-right:1px; margin-top:15px" ></div>
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try removing margin:0 auto; from .container in css and set it like; margin: 0px 180px and adjust as you want. – m-t Apr 1 '12 at 20:00
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your container class has width: 960px but your wraper(sic) class has width: 990px

so you need to make sure they both have the same width: I'd recommend making both 990px by changing the width of container

.container {
  WIDTH: 990px;
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