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I have a MapTile class which holds a tile sprite and the tile's attribute. I want to create a 2D array which holds for example 100 tiles in a 10x10 grid. I have drawn a tile map using a plain old 2D array holding only the tile sprite and that worked fine. However, now when I assign a tile sprite to the 2D Array named mapData containing MapTile classes and using mapData[i][j].tileSprite = tileNum, every element in the column is assigned the tileNum value. I have tried everything I could think of to get this to work. I am a C++ programmer new to Ruby.

class MapTile
attr_accessor :tileSprite, :attribute

    def initialize(sprite, attr)
    @tileSprite = sprite
    @attribute = attr

    def tileSprite

    def attribute


def array2D(width,height)
  a = Array.new(width, MapTile.new(123,0))
  a.map! { Array.new(height, MapTile.new(123,0)) }
  return a

@mapData = array2D(@mapSize,@mapSize)

mapData[1][j].tileSprite = tileNum  #Now every tileSprite in column 1 is tileNum


Changed the array2D method to

def array2D(width,height)
a = Array.new(width) { MapTile.new(10,0)}
a.map! { Array.new(height) { MapTile.new(10,0) } }
return a

Thanks Michael!

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You are using the same object for each array element. Try Array.new(width) { MapTile.new(123,0) } instead.

From the docs:

# only one copy of the object is created 
a = Array.new(2, Hash.new)

# here multiple copies are created 
a = Array.new(2) { Hash.new }

BTW: There are some things in your code that are rather unidiomatic Ruby, you may want to run that by the Code Review Stack Exchange.

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Thanks Michael! I edited the question to reflect the changes, your solution worked. And I will run my code by the Code Review Stack Exchange. Looks like a great site! Thanks for the help! –  Spencer Apr 1 '12 at 19:29
Ehm Spencer, you're suposed to accept the answer that worked for you. –  steenslag Apr 1 '12 at 19:50
Thanks. Fixed now. –  Spencer Apr 1 '12 at 19:52

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