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I've attached a source file below, I'm kinda stuck.

Basically, its an FLA that has a variable that changes (smscounter) based on whatever number is read in from an XML file (on my server). There is a big movieclip called "rewinder" on frame 1 of the main stage. There are left and right buttons that navigate between frames within that movieclip "rewinder". What I'm trying to do in theory is:

if(frame != 2) {button_right.visibility = true};
if(frame == 2 && smscounter > 5) {button_right.visibility = true};
if(frame == 2 && smscounter < 5) {button_right.visibility = false}

I've been told that won't work simply because once a variable (visibility) is set, it's not going to just continually check it, so I have to dispatch an event? I've tried 3-4 tutorials and I can't get any to work.

Now a few things:
- I would LOVE to avoid anything super complicated. All I need is on frame 2 for the button to not be there IF smscounter is below 5. Other tutorials required another class and document class, but I couldn't get them working
- The buttons are currently outside the rewinder movieclip. I put them inside and on each frame, but then I couldn't get them to react to a rollover.
- The code is about as optimized as if a first grader wrote it, mainly because I'm a designer and I've been having help along the whole way with this.
- Greensock LoaderMax is being used to put the videos and sound in. Not super relevant to the problem, I just left them in there to give a better picture of what I'm working on.

Link to FLA and source files:

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you can add this code to the main timeline looks like you can only go to frame 2 and 3, but you have a total of 21 frames (from voltagebar) that's why I used the numbers instead of 1 and totalFrames.

function checkButtons(e:Event):void{
    if(rewinder.currentFrame <= 2){
        button_left.visible = false;
        button_left.visible = true;

    if(rewinder.currentFrame >= 3){
        button_right.visible = false;
        button_right.visible = true;
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Perfect, got some similar help from a friend - I just didn't know how to listen for the ENTER_FRAME and then do something. (I'm a noob) Thank you for the help! – ahainen Apr 2 '12 at 0:14
if you don't need AS3 capabilities, you might want to consider using AS2 code if you're just trying to get a project done and don't have a lot of time to learn about as3. Otherwise I'd highly recommend getting a book or three on as3. – Daniel Apr 2 '12 at 17:31
The basics and games programming will get you through some basics and hopefully save you a lot of greif, the OOP should help you get to the next level, where you're programming, not scripting. When you're making games in as3 there is a lot of room for memory leaks to happen, which can cause flash and the browser to crash. This becomes a headache especially when you're relying on timeline animations and code. – Daniel Apr 2 '12 at 17:31
Thanks, I appreciate the references. I would have used AS2, but the only way I could load a TON of videos easily was via Greensock Loadermax. I'm a design student, so I play around with some AS3 and other OOP languages, but I tend to get way in over my head, this project specifically. I have the O'Reilly AS3 book but still just learning at my slow pace. Lynda videos are handy as well, but the time I spend trying to learn more with AS3, I usually end up reasoning myself into the idea of becoming a better designer, and letting programmers be better programmers, not me doing both. – ahainen Apr 2 '12 at 21:21

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