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This question tells me what to do in words, but I can't figure out how to write the code. :)

I want to do this:

        <ei:MouseDragElementBehavior ConstrainToParentBounds="True">
                <i:EventTrigger EventName="DragFinished">
                    <i:InvokeCommandAction Command="{Binding SomeCommand}"/>

But as the other question outlines, the EventTrigger doesn't work... I think it's because it wants to find the DragFinished event on the SomeUIElement instead of on the MouseDragElementBehavior. Is that correct?

So I think what I want to do is:

  • Write a behavior that inherits from MouseDragElementBehavior
  • Override the OnAttached method
  • Subscribe to the DragFinished event... but I can't figure out the code to do this bit.

Help please! :)

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Here is what I implemented to solve your problem :

    public class MouseDragCustomBehavior : MouseDragElementBehavior
    public static DependencyProperty CommandProperty =
        DependencyProperty.Register("Command", typeof(ICommand), typeof(MouseDragCustomBehavior));

    public static DependencyProperty CommandParameterProperty =
        DependencyProperty.Register("CommandParameter", typeof(object), typeof(MouseDragCustomBehavior));

    protected override void OnAttached()

        if (!DesignerProperties.GetIsInDesignMode(this))
            base.DragFinished += MouseDragCustomBehavior_DragFinished;

    private void MouseDragCustomBehavior_DragFinished(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
        var command = this.Command;
        var param = this.CommandParameter;

        if (command != null && command.CanExecute(param))

    protected override void OnDetaching()
        base.DragFinished -= MouseDragCustomBehavior_DragFinished;

    public ICommand Command
        get { return (ICommand)GetValue(CommandProperty); }
        set { SetValue(CommandProperty, value); }

    public object CommandParameter
        get { return GetValue(CommandParameterProperty); }
        set { SetValue(CommandParameterProperty, value); }

And then the XAML to call it like this....

            <Controls:MouseDragCustomBehavior Command="{Binding DoCommand}" />
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