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Is there /How can I get guarantee on the order of arrival for the messages sent to a mailboxprocessor

That is, on a thread if I do


How can I be sure that, in the treatment loop for the agent, the messages will be received in order ?

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They are. The implementation of Post is as you might guess, it just adds an item to the queue (on the current thread, under a lock), and posts work to notify any waiting agent to wake up and process it. So if you call Post twice on the same thread, one after another, the messages get into the queue in that order.

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I need to investigate further then. Because I add disordered elements in my concurrent queue where I stored the data in upon reception. I add a problem for the last message which is none, signaling the end right after posting a non last message. I just added a bool to the other message saying if they are last or not. – nicolas Apr 1 '12 at 22:41
I was spanning a new thread for each message received in order to not block the writing since my reading is done from a blocking collection in the same code. bad idea, as I loose control over the ordering ! – nicolas Apr 2 '12 at 9:49

You can also use inbox.Scan(function _ -> None // return an Option) to find the messages if you have some way of detecting order. Of course, this comes at a price to performance, so leaving the queue alone is the best idea.

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