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I was wondering if you have an idea on how to write an AspectJ advice that executes after the execution of Android's OnItemClickListener.onItemClick method.

I tried after(View view) : execution(void OnItemClickListener+.onItemClick(AdapterView, View, int, long)) && args(view), but AspectJ complains about "can't use parameterized type patterns for the declaring type of an execution pointcut expression (use the raw type instead)," specifically about the execution part.

If I change the advice to execution(void *.onItemClick(AdapterView, View, int, long)), then the advice is not applied.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Silviu

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Found out the solution: after(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int a, long b) : execution(void AdapterView.OnItemClickListener+.onItemClick(AdapterView<?>, View, int, long)) && args(parent, view, a, b) – silviu Apr 2 '12 at 18:30

The handling of generics in Aspect4j has been introduced with:

Then, if your project allow it, you can workaround this issue by upgrading to the latest version. With maven, upgrading to


solved the issue.

Then, I use

pointcut OnClickListener_onClick(View v) :
    execution(void OnClickListener.onClick(View)) && args(v);

after(View v) : OnClickListener_onClick(v) {
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