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I'm using use Mail::IMAPClient to retrieve mail headers from an imap server. It works great. But when the header contains any character other that [a-z|A-Z|0-9] I'm served with strings that look like this :

  • Subject : Un message en =?UTF-8?B?ZnJhbsOnYWlzIMOgIGxhIGNvbg==?= (original string : "Un message en français à la con")

  • Body : =C3=A9aeio=C3=B9=C3=A8=C3=A8 (original string : éaeioùèè)

    1. What is this strange format ? Is that the famous "perl string internal" format ?
    2. what is the safest way of handling human idioms coming from IMAP servers ?
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If you plan to do anything at all with email, you should acquire at least a basic familiarity with MIME. –  tripleee Apr 2 '12 at 6:10

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The body encoding is Quoted-Printable; the header (subject) encoding is MIME "encoded-word" encoding ("B" type for base64). The best way to deal with both of them is to pass the email into a module that's capable of dealing with MIME, such as Email::MIME or the older and buggier MIME::Lite.

For example:

# $message was retrieved from IMAP
my $mime = Email::MIME->new($message);
my $subject = $mime->header('Subject'); # automatically decoded
my $body = $mime->body_str; # also automatically decoded

However if you need to deal with them outside of the context of an entire message, there are also modules like Encode::MIME::Header and MIME::QuotedPrint.

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It is quoted-printable coded. It is a standard encoding used in email. It has nothing to do with Perl's internal string format.

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