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The linq collection is made of a SearchResult object.

SearchResult contains: id (number), categoryName (string)

I would like to select into a new collection using linq all the aggregated categories (that is, if there is at least one search result with a category A then include category A in the collection).

If possible to sort the results alphabetically.


Search results:

1, Computers

2, IT

3, Finance

4, Finance

5, News

6, Weather

7, IT

8, Fashion

The resulting collection: (Computers, Fashion, Finance, IT, News, Weather).

Here's what I've got so far:

SearchResultsCollection is IEnumerable

var categs = SearchResultsCollection.GroupBy(f => GetCategory(f))
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You can GroupBy in this case, but it's not necessary since you are projecting to a primitive property anyway - group first, select the group key and order:

var categs = SearchResultsCollection.GroupBy(f => f.categoryName)
                                    .Select(g => g.Key)
                                    .OrderBy(f => f)

Or easier using Distinct():

var categs = SearchResultsCollection.Select(f=> f.categoryName)
                                    .OrderBy(c => c)
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