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I have a question. I have such database (mysql):

| id | name | letter |
| 1  | John |    J   |
| 2  | Joe  |    J   |
| 3  | Jimi |    J   |
| 4  | Kci  |    K   |
| 5  | Key  |    K   |
| 6  | Alan |    A   |
| 7  | Alex |    A   |

I would like to sort the database in such way (using PHP):

   <li>Letter: J:
   <li>Letter: K:
   <li>Letter: A:

Any ideas ? Many thanks!

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Have I tried what ? –  Jakub Apr 1 '12 at 22:29
what are the specifics of the order? –  Joseph the Dreamer Apr 1 '12 at 22:41
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I think the below query works for your scenario

SELECT name,letter FROM table_name GROUP BY letter;

if you want the names in each category to be sorted, i think you can use something like,

SELECT name,letter FROM table_name ORDER BY name GROUP BY letter;

EDIT : For grouping according to the letters,

SELECT name,letter FROM table_name ORDER BY code; 

but with this query, i dont think internal ordering is done.

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is this what you are looking for ?

SELECT id, name, letter FROM MyTable ORDER BY id ASC
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