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I'm new to SQL and I'm a little unsure about the best way to use the database in the program I'm writing.

My program saves "notes" to an SQL Server CE database. A note row consists of an auto-incrementing ID (int), a title (string) and the text of the note, which is stored in the database as ntext.

I have a SqlCeDataAdapter loading the ID and title rows into a DataTable which is bound to a DataGrid, so the user can see the list of notes and select one. I don't load the text row because I assume it could be large and so it doesn't need to be in memory all the time.

string ConnectionString = "DataSource = " + @"..\\..\\Notes.sdf";
DatabaseConnection = new SqlCeConnection(ConnectionString);

SqlCeCommand SelectCommand = new SqlCeCommand("SELECT ID, title FROM notes_id", DatabaseConnection);
DatabaseAdapter = new SqlCeDataAdapter(SelectCommand);

NotesDataTable = new DataTable();

MainWindowDataView = NotesDataTable.DefaultView;
dataGridNotes.DataContext = MainWindowDataView;

The problem is when I add a new note. Should I be updating the DataTable and using that to update the SQL database? Or should I be directly updating the SQL database and use that to reload the DataTable to update it?

The problem with updating the DataTable is that I don't have a column there for the text of the note. And if I insert a new row, I'm not sure how to refer to that new row to add the text cell.


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You should insert the new row into the database and then reload your DataTable (and your view of the data) with a fresh query from the db. Seems too simple though so you may need to elaborate the problem a bit.

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