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This is my code :

    public void AddToGrid(string value)
        MessageBox.Show(value);   //Message is showing with correct value
        dgrComponentList.Dispatcher.Invoke(new AddToGridDelegate(AddToGridSolid), System.Windows.Threading.DispatcherPriority.Normal, value);
    private delegate void AddToGridDelegate(string value);
    private void AddToGridSolid(string value)
        ((List<object>)this.dgrComponentList.ItemsSource).Add(new { ComponentName = value });

This not is not working when I am calling AddToGrid method from a thread. But without thread if I am calling

((List<object>)this.dgrComponentList.ItemsSource).Add(new { ComponentName = value });

its working perfectly. Where am I doing wrong ?


EDIT: I have just discovered, values are storing there but somehow its not showing into the grid.

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The grid did not know that there is a new object added to the collection. Either implement an inotify collection changed or use an observable collection to store the objects.

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Wow genius. You saved my atleast 2 hours buddy. I would give you 100 points if I had the power. Truly life saver. Thanks. – Barun Apr 2 '12 at 1:48

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