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Is there any way to temporary use a namespace ? I'm using a library to create forms and it uses namespaces, the problem is that I usually want to create a form in the middle of a page, which is thus in the global namespace. Then if I want to call any function of this library I have to prefix everything with Namespace\

Isn't there any way in PHP to do something like this :

Blabla global namespace
strlen('test'); // 4

namespace Namespace

More global PHP

And have it refer to Namespace\test ?

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namespace foo;
use My\Full\Classname as Another;

// this is the same as use My\Full\NSname as NSname
use My\Full\NSname;

// importing a global class
use ArrayObject;

$obj = new namespace\Another; // instantiates object of class foo\Another
$obj = new Another; // instantiates object of class My\Full\Classname
NSname\subns\func(); // calls function My\Full\NSname\subns\func
$a = new ArrayObject(array(1)); // instantiates object of class ArrayObject
// without the "use ArrayObject" we would instantiate an object of class foo\ArrayObject

This is about the closest you can get - there's no way to change the default namespace temporarily.

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Ok that might be good enough. Quick question : I'm using a set of classes in my global namespace, imported via autoloader. Now, if I declare them all in the begining with use, but they still are loaded when called, will it change anything performance-wise ? –  Maxime Fabre Apr 2 '12 at 1:34
they'll be loaded via the use statements, not when they are called. It shouldn't change anything performance wise, just another file getting included by your autoloader. –  Brad Harris Apr 2 '12 at 1:54

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