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I'm trying to load a script so I can use scripts on the page that is spawned by the bookmarklet. (view src: XHR followed by beautify.js followed by prettify.js)

I know what I am basically supposed to do (like this) but what's happening is I can't find a good way to detect when the functions I need are actually loaded.

var doWhenLoaded = function (name) {
    if (typeof(eval(name)) === 'function') {
    } else {
            function () {
                console.log("from timeout: "+new Date().getTime());
            } , 50 

I tried that but eval(name+'()'); throws an error.

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I can't answer your question, but to test if a function is available use:

var doWhenLoaded = function (name) {   
    if (typeof window[name] == 'function') {
    } else {
      // set the timeout. Should have a limit, else it wil go on forever.


Updated to use window[name], but really should use a reference to the global object. But I guess it's ok to use window for a browser specific script.

The code above should not throw any errors. Since name is in the formal parameters, it's essentially a declared local variable. If name is undefined, then typeof name will return the string "undefined", which fails the test so name() is not evaluated.

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Alright I'll keep trying this. This is extraordinarily difficult to debug... –  Steven Lu Apr 2 '12 at 2:09
Okay. I can't get this to work. Any time I call doWhenLoaded, if name is undefined I get an error! I also cannot get Chrome to give me a line number for the error. :( –  Steven Lu Apr 2 '12 at 2:29
Is what I'm trying to do simply impossible? I'm loading scripts in the new window made by the bookmarklet. How to run my test-check function in that window's "context"? –  Steven Lu Apr 2 '12 at 2:43
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I think I can force the scripts to get loaded synchronously before I end up calling them by simply writing the document rather than setting them into the dom.

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