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I want to use a form which uses mailto to send the values typed in it to my e-mail. The thing is that when I type the values and click on submit, Windows Live Mail loads and then I have to send the data entered in the form from the Windows Live Mail. Is there a way to send the data entered the minute the submit button is clicked without an e-mail application loading up ?

this is the form

<form method="post" action="mailto:oldman@chasm.bridge">
 What is your name? 
<input type="text" name="MyName" size="30" maxlength="50">

What is your quest?
<input type="text" name="Quest" size="30" maxlength="100">

<input type="submit" value="Answer These Questions Three">
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mailto: is specifically meant to open the email application on the client. It does not send an email all by itself. That would also be a bad idea, since it requires your website visitors to be correctly set up to send email, which is not necessarily a given.

You'll have to submit the form to a server-side script, which can send the values in an email.
Don't make the client do it.

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"Don't make the client do it." - You can't make the client do it (unless you hack into clients` computer). I agree that the best way is to process the form on the server. – Ilia Frenkel Apr 2 '12 at 2:13
I've tried to do it using a php script, however when I click the submit button, it just takes me to a page with the plain php script text on it.. any idea why? – Ali Alamiri Apr 2 '12 at 2:23
@Ali Because your server isn't correctly set up to run PHP. Please search for similar problems (they have been discussed before) or open a new question specifically about that problem if you were unsuccessful finding a solution. – deceze Apr 2 '12 at 2:25

The mailto is purely client-side, and will only result in your browser opening up a mail client.

TO programatically send an email, you'll have to use a server-side language

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This can be done easily using php, like so.

 $to = "";
 $subject = "Hi!";
 $body = "Hi,\n\nHow are you?";
 if (mail($to, $subject, $body)) {
   echo("<p>Message successfully sent!</p>");
  } else {
   echo("<p>Message delivery failed...</p>");
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