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I have a question about cursors

The question is : for all orders which are due in August 2008 show its details in the following format

OrderNumber (n items) due DueDate is Status

This is the expected output

SO75123(3 items) due Aug 12 2008 12:00AM is Shipped

I have this so far

    @salesOrderID INT,
    @salesOrderNum NVARCHAR(20), 
    @dueDate DATETIME, 
    @status NVARCHAR(20), 
    @totalDue MONEY, 
    @numDetail INT,
    @count INT = 0;

DECLARE salesReportCursor CURSOR 
    SELECT Count(S.salesOrderID),p.SalesOrderNumber,p.Duedate, status =
        CASE  when p.status =1 THEN 'In Process'
            when p.status =2  THEN ' Approved'
            when p.status =3 THEN ' Backordered'
            when p.status =4 THEN ' Rejected'
            when p.status =5 THEN ' Shipped'
    FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader p, Sales.SalesOrderDetail s
    WHERE p.SalesOrderID=s.SalesOrderID AND  P.DueDate >= '2008' AND p.DueDate < '2009'
    Group by p.SalesOrderNumber,p.Duedate,status
    ORDER BY SalesOrderNumber DESC

I'm supposed to get around 360 rows but I'm getting like 1400. Please tell me whats wrong in my where clause that's causing the error.

My picture of the database is

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Three things: 1) you should probably flag this "homework" (if it is), 2) you should probably be doing an "inner join" between SalesOrderHeader and SalesOrderDetail ... and 3) maybe the problem is in your "where", or maybe you should specify fewer columns in your "group by" – paulsm4 Apr 2 '12 at 2:22
And you're not limiting the results to orders due in August 2008. – HABO Apr 2 '12 at 2:24
@paulsm4 this aint homework im practising for my test which is next week – user1297398 Apr 2 '12 at 2:26
possible duplicate of Need assistance with cursors tsql – Jamie F Apr 2 '12 at 3:14
WHY on earth would you want to do this with a cursor?? Cursors are evil, cursor smell bad, cursors are to be avoided wherever possible - and here it's really trivial to avoid a cursor! – marc_s Apr 2 '12 at 4:55

Use this simple query - and you're done - no messy cursors or anyhting like that needed!! I'm getting 370 rows from this:

    OrderStatus =
        WHEN p.Status = 1 THEN 'In Process'
        WHEN p.Status = 2  THEN ' Approved'
        WHEN p.Status = 3 THEN ' Backordered'
        WHEN p.Status = 4 THEN ' Rejected'
        WHEN p.Status = 5 THEN ' Shipped'
    Sales.SalesOrderHeader p
    Sales.SalesOrderDetail s ON p.SalesOrderID = s.SalesOrderID 
    -- restrict "DueDate" to between Aug 1st, 2008, and Aug 31st, 2008
    p.DueDate >= '20080801' AND p.DueDate < '20080901'
    p.SalesOrderNumber, p.DueDate, p.Status
    SalesOrderNumber DESC
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