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Is the any way to change the background's color of RibbonApplicationMenuEntryPrimary (Flamingo)?

I looked at its javadoc but couldn't find the way to do it.

enter image description here

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1) Please, with due respect, I checked the APIs; there are lot of imports and extends from lots of different methods, starting with java.swing.BasicButtonUI, (here is my attemp to override MetalButtonUI).

2) Maybe it would be easy to change the built_in color theme, but I don't suggest doing that.

3) I'm not a Flamingo or Netbeans 7 user, but the following tutorials are available:

everywhere is mentioned support for Substance L&F

3) I'd use built-in themes from the Substance Look and Feel (I'm Substance user), but

4) Before downloading the source code for Substance, there is a working example for Swing Look and Feels in the Java Folder test in Check.java,

  • There you can test and choose built-in Substance themes from menus, as well as

  • Test (you have to download the JAR files first) all good Java Swing Look and Feels inside of one JFrame.

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