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SELECT author_uid FROM checkin  WHERE page_id IN ('314124218488') 

When I do that I get an empty [].

but if I do

SELECT checkin_id, author_uid, page_id FROM checkin 
WHERE page_id IN ('314124218488') AND author_uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) 

I do get one of my friend however this is really really slow!! since if i have about 500 or more checkins from my friends, it is going to check all my friends against the check-in object!

why cant i get people/friends checked into the page by just doing:

SELECT author_uid FROM checkin  WHERE page_id IN ('314124218488')
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I had the same problem and I managed to fix it.

  1. When using the checkin query, make sure all the permissions are correct, try using the api explorer., i found that checking the permission:friends_notes i could get all the info i needed. Make sure you also check relevant permissions like: friends_location etc when getting an access token(you get a temporary one using the explorer)

  2. Try the API query <PAGEID>/checkins?fields=from,message in the explorer

No user ID is needed and you get all the friends that checked in to the page with the pageid <PAGEID>.

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