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Right now I am using the maven-javadoc-plugin to attach the Javadoc to .jar artifacts when I am doing a release.

However, how can I generate the Javadoc in an html format so we can scp it to a remote server for reference?


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Using the same plugin, you can generate javadoc in a folder using

mvn javadoc:javadoc

It puts the help content under target/site/apidocs

You can change the output folder by using the plugin configuration parameter reportOutputDirectory

Please refer http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-javadoc-plugin/

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if you are interested in just doing it raw, you could use the following command.

javadoc -d C:/javadoc/test com.mypackage
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That's cheating. You need 50 lines of XML, and talk about reactors, goals and dependencies. Plus a few other words I forgot to make up... Yeah, Maven is vile. –  Roboprog Feb 12 at 0:53

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