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I was wondering if there is a limit to the size of a single field that can be saved in a csv file? I understand that the size of the CSV file itself is dependent only on the operating system.


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The history of CSV is described at Wikipedia. The closest thing to a formal specification of the CSV file format is RFC4180.

Neither of these documents describe any limits on the size of a field. In practice the tooling you use might have some sort of restriction, as most CSV parsers would buffer the record line, prior to splitting it.

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Thank you Mark. I needed a confirmation. And thanks for the RFC link! – Regmi Apr 4 '12 at 20:14

Excel specifications and limits Excel cannot read more than 32767 characters in a single cell. Total number of characters that a cell can contain: 32,767 characters

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"The new" Google Sheets limits you to 50,000 characters / field. You get an error message (see below) if you try to paste more than that.

If you upload a .csv there is no warning, but the offending field and all following fields in that row are dropped.

sheets error message

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