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I am busy with a site which has only one page, accessible only after logging in: home.jsp. Once user is logged in with a valid session, if he presses the back button on the browser then he should be redirected to login.jsp and again if he presses the browser's forward button. He should not be able to get to home.jsp without logging in. So after doing some searches, I've implemented:

response.setHeader ( "Cache-Control","no-cache,no-store,must-revalidate");


response.setDateHeader ( "Expires", 0)

On the home.jsp page and upon pressing the forward button, it's saying web page has expired, but what I'm looking for is my cutom page, something like sessionExpired.jsp saying log in again...

Please help me out with how to fix this.

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Implement the Post-Redirect-Get pattern. So, everytime when the enduser sends a (successful) POST request, send a redirect to the target page. This way the back button will point to the redirected GET request instead of the POST request (which is obviously been expired because you instructed the browser to not cache it).

E.g. in your doPost() method handling the login:

User user = userService.find(username, password);

if (user != null) {
    request.getSession().setAttribute("user", user);
    response.sendRedirect("nextpage.jsp"); // Here, you need to send a redirect to landing page after login.
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@BalusC-- Thanks, Can I use the same logic with RequestDispacther method also in which I'll be going to target via rdObj.forward(request,response)---RequestDispacther object.??? –  Ars Apr 2 '12 at 18:26
This does not send a redirect. It sends a forward. Do you understand the difference? –  BalusC Apr 2 '12 at 18:27

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