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I am currently using TCOM to work on excel using TCL. I have 2 excel sheet files. What i need to do is compare the two files for differences and list them out in txt file/excel. I would like to know whether this comparison between two excel files can be done using tcl/tcom.

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Should be possible (I'll let someone else talk you through how; I'm not on the right OS at the moment to test it myself). But I thought that Excel these days came with a built in spreadsheet comparison tool… – Donal Fellows Apr 2 '12 at 9:01
Do you mind exporting to csv? – MerreM May 23 '12 at 13:22

If you working on a linux environment you could use some bash commands to help you out.

I think the best way to quickly process their data would be through csv files. You could use:

exec sort sheet1.csv
exec sort sheet2.csv
set diff [diff sheet1.csv sheet2.csv]

Editing since this isn't a pure Tcl:

Let's say both of your csv files looks like this: sheet1.csv -> a,b,c,d sheet2.csv -> a,d,c,e

You can load these files by passing them as argument to your Tcl file: myTclFile sheet1.csv sheet2.csv

Inside your Tcl you could read them using argv:

set list1 [lindex $argv 0]
set list2 [lindex $argv 1]

It is good practice to check for input files before invoking them. If order of the files aren't important but only the fact that they have the same data you could use lsort. Nevertheless, in order to turn this into a actual list of elements, instead of one big string use split:

set list1 [split $list1 ',']
set list2 [split $list2 ',']

Then you can iterate over these list the way you want. My suggestion would be using foreach. This would go more or less like this (exempla if you wanted to iterate over whole lists)

foreach element $list1 {
    foreach element2 $list2 {
        set hasMatch 0
        if {$element == $element2} {
             incr hasMatch
        } else {
    if {!$hasMatch} {
        set diff [lappend $diff $element]
    } else {
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