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I'm having a bit of trouble trying to understand how WARP could potentially interact with the client-side. If I were to build my server-side via WARP, and had a Javascript client-side. Could I hypothetically use AJAX as the bridge between the client side and server-side?

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I posted a related Q&A today, maybe you want to have a look – Uli Köhler Mar 4 '14 at 21:38
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Yes. AJAX doesn't need to know anything about your server to work. All it needs to do is request something at a url, and get a response.

For example, suppose you are using jquery. Your Ajax request could look like:

  url: "/hello",
}).done(function() { 

This is requesting something at url /hello. Then your Yesod app needs to serve something at /hello:

mkYesod "yourapp" [parseRoutes|
/hello HelloR GET

getHomeR :: Handler RepHtml
getHelloR = defaultLayout [whamlet|Hello!|]

(I haven't used Yesod, so I can't claim that that code is accurate).

Since WARP is a WAI handler, you can run any WAI application on it. Here's another example, this time using scotty:

main = scotty 3000 $ do
  get "/hello" $ html "Hello!"
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Thanks for the response. This has all been over my head for the last week or so. You made it really clear and understanding to me. Thank you! – George Vasels Apr 2 '12 at 19:50

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