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Is it possible to have two different font-colors in a gwt-label?


Label titleLabel = new Label(ticket.getTicketType().getName()+" - <<"+art+">>");

The second part of the label should be red.

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Use an HTML widget:

titleLabel = new HTML(SafeHtmlUtils.htmlEscape(ticket.getTicketType().getName())
    + " - <span style='color: red'>&lt;&lt;"
    + SafeHtmlUtils.htmlEscape(art)
    + "&gt;&gt;</span>");

To make it slightly more readable, I'd use a SafeHtmlTemplates (and as a bonus, it'll check your HTML syntax, and automatically htmlEscape your strings so you don't risk to miss one, so it's safer):

interface Template extends SafeHtmlTemplates {
   @Template("{0} - <span style='color: red'>&lt;&lt;{1}&gt;&gt;</span>")
   SafeHtml title(String ticketTypeName, String art);
static final Template TEMPLATE = GWT.create(Template.class)


titleLabel = new HTML(TEMPLATE.title(ticket.getTicketType().getName(), art));

I'd also replace the style='color: red' with a class='{2}' and a CssResource, but that's just a bonus, and mostly a detail.

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