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I want to profile my Perl code by using Devel::DProf.

when I am running the profiler like

perl5.8 -d:DProf abc.pl # default version of Perl in my PC (Solaris) is 5.003

then it produces the tmon.out file in the current directory, but when I run


then it is not undertanding the command and giving error like command not found.

I know Devel::DProf - a DEPRECATED Perl code profiler, and should use Devel::NYTProf but just want to know why it is giving such an error, may be I am missing something.

How can I solve this?

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Find out where you installed dprofpp and ensure that the directory is in your PATH, or call it with the full path.

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Thanks for the suggestion.when I find out where dprofpp installed by using perldoc -l dprofpp then I got the path /usr/local/perl/5.8.0/bin/dprofpp, then I call it with full path in the current directory, and able to get the report.Thanks a lot. –  Nikhil Jain Apr 3 '12 at 5:44

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