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// main htm page from where aja x call happened
    <div id ="vote_count_< %>"  >
     <%= render :partial => '/votes/count', :locals =>{ :answer => answer} %>//render a partial
     <div id="wait" style=" float:center">// for loading image

   // partial page :- count

    <div class ="look6">
      <%= image_tag("thumbs_up.jpg", :alt =>  "like",:value =>,:id => 'like',:class => 'vote')%>// image tag for like reload during ajax call
      (<%= Vote.count(,'like')%>)// no of like vote
      | <%= image_tag("thumbs_down.jpg", :alt =>  "unlike",:value =>,:id     =>'unlike',:class => 'vote',:onclick=>"return vote()") %>// image tag for unlike reload during ajax call
      (<%= Vote.count(,'unlike')%>)// no of unlike vote

  //  ajax function :-

    <script type="text/javascript" >

      function showLoadingImage()

        $('#wait').append('<div id="loading-image"><%= image_tag("ajax-loader.gif", :alt=>"Loading..." )%></div>');// for ajax loading
    in first page:
//.vote is a claas name
        var answer_id =$(this).attr("value");// for ans id
        showLoadingImage();// call loading image function
        var result = $(this).attr("id");// whether like or unlike

          cache: false,
    //path for controller
          url: '/create_vote/'+answer_id, 
          data: "result="+result,// data for ajax call
          complete: function(){
            $('#loading-image').remove();// remove loading image


        cache: false;
         return false;


    def create_vote
        @vote = // create new vot
        @vote.user_id = user id
        @vote.answer_id = params[:id]// answer id
        @vote.result = params[:result] == 'like' ? '1':'0'// like or unlike
        answer = Answer.find(params[:id])// answer id find
        if save vote
         @message  = "thanks"// message 
         @message =  "sorry"// mesage

        @vote_count = Vote.count(params[:id], params[:result])// total vote
          respond_to do |format|
            format.js  { render '/votes/create_vote.js.erb', :locals => {:result =>params[:result],:answer =>answer}}// result return back 

///votes/create_vote.js.erb $("#vote_count_<%=@vote.answer_id %>").html("<%= escape_javascript(render :partial => '/votes/count', :locals => {:result => result ,:answer =>answer }) %>")// render js part

//_count partial <%= image_tag("thumbs_up.jpg", :alt => "like",:value =>,:id => 'like',:class => 'vote')%> (<%= Vote.count(,'like')%>) | <%= image_tag("thumbs_down.jpg", :alt => "unlike",:value =>,:id =>'unlike',:class => 'vote',:onclick=>"return vote()") %> (<%= Vote.count(,'unlike')%>)

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use:- $(".vote").live("click", function(){

in place of : $(".vote").click(function(){

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its working.... thanks a lots – Swagata Mondal Apr 4 '12 at 11:23

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