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As Delphi cannot handle attributes on enum-values, I tried another approach. TMyEnum is my enum. Class TMyEnumLabelProvider provides the labels I need. I link the enum-type with an attribute to its labelprovider. This doesn't compile however. I cannot define the provider fully before referencing its classtype since it uses TMyEnum in one of its methods.

TEnumLabelProviderCallback = procedure(Context: TObject; 
                                       Index: integer; 
                                       const Name: string) of object;

TEnumLabelProvider = class abstract
    procedure Iterate(Context: TObject; 
                      Callback: TEnumLabelProviderCallback); virtual; abstract;

TEnumLabelProviderClass = class of TEnumLabelProvider;

TEnumLabelProviderAttribute = class(TCustomAttribute)
    FProviderClass: TEnumLabelProviderClass;
    constructor Create(ProviderClass: TEnumLabelProviderClass);
    property ProviderClass: TEnumLabelProviderClass read FProviderClass;

TMyEnumLabelProvider = class;


TMyEnum = (MyEnum0,

// This is where the compilation fails.....
TMyEnumLabelProvider = class(TEnumLabelProvider)
    class function GetLabel(MyEnum: TMyEnum): string;
    procedure Iterate(Context: TObject; Callback: TEnumLabelProviderCallback); override;

Any ideas on how to do this properly. For now I workaround by declaring GetLabel(MyEnum: integer), but obviously I prefer being type strict.

Thanks in advance.

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On second thought I could solve this problem by using a class helper. Not really elegant but better than using int: TMyEnumLabelProvider = class(TEnumLabelProvider) public procedure Iterate(Context: TObject; Callback: TEnumLabelProviderCallback); override; end; [TEnumLabelProvider(TMyEnumLabelProvider)] TMyEnum = (MyEnum0, MyEnum1, MyEnum2); TMyEnumLabelProviderHelper = class helper for TMyEnumLabelProvider public class function GetLabel(MyEnum: TMyEnum): string; end; – Christiaan ten Pas Apr 2 '12 at 10:37
Excuse me, but I am not able to find out what you are trying to accomplish. For instance: what do you mean by "enum labels"? – Uwe Raabe Apr 2 '12 at 11:15
@UweRaabe I think he means the strings attached to enum elements that are displayed in the UI. Think of a binding framework for example. – jpfollenius Apr 2 '12 at 11:17
@Uwe Raabe: Smasher is quite right. That's exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. – Christiaan ten Pas Apr 2 '12 at 11:22
@Smasher, then why not use RegisterIntegerConsts – Uwe Raabe Apr 2 '12 at 11:23

The simplest solution is to use a static array of string to store the labels as defined below. you can then simply index the array using the enum to get the label required.

  TMyEnum = (MyEnum0, MyEnum1, MyEnum2);

  EnumLabels : array[TMyEnum] of string = ('MyEnumLabel0', 'MyEnumLabel1', 'MyEnumLabel2'); 
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