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I want to store the error messages which occurs while executing the stored procedure in another error table. Here is the my sample procedure having some error statements.

        SELECT * FROM emp;

    END $$

When i call the above procedure it gives me error.I wnat to store this error code & message in another table as "error". Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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SQL ERROR means there is something wrong with your SQL Query. It may (or may not) depend on your table. If the error is TABLE SPECIFIC or QUERY SYNTAX ERROR, that is, if there is something wrong with a specific table ONLY, or with a query, then definitely you can insert your errors into a table. But, if there is something with your CONNECTION or something else, then you cannot insert errors into any table. ALWAYS try to log your errors in a html file or txt (text) file, so that you can smoothly access it. Also there is a less chance for failure.

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The standard way to handle this in MySQL is to declare a HANDLER to handle the error condition the way you want. This allows you to insert an error message into another table if you want, and then to either CONTINUE or EXIT the running procedure as required.

Here's the documentation:


Unfortunately you will not be able to access the SQLSTATE of the statement that caused the error, so this approach is somewhat limited.

Here's another relevant question on SO with much more detail:

MySQL Stored Procedure Error Handling

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