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I am wondering how I can get all the files with File Info and not in a string because I need to get the informations from the creationTime etc ...

This is the code I use

string[] fiArr = Directory.GetFiles( "C://inetpub//wwwroot//Files//" + param[i], "*",
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Use the GetFiles method on the DirectoryInfo class.

string path = Path.Combine("C:/inetpub/wwwroot/Files/", param[i]);
DirectoryInfo directoryInfo = new DirectoryInfo(path);
FileInfo[] fileInfos = directoryInfo.GetFiles("*", SearchOption.AllDirectories);

Also you should use Path.Combine rather than string concatenation to combine paths.

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You can create a DirectoryInfo first and use it tio get a list of FileInfo's

The basic pattern (there are a number of overloads):

var folder = new DirectoryInfo(".");
var infos = folder.GetFiles();
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DirectoryInfo dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo(@"C:/Path");
var infoFiles = dirInfo.GetFiles();
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