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Android ICS (api 14) introduced the ApplicationErrorReport class with the following info: CrashInfo BatteryInfo and ANRInfo. From the class overview it seems that this class refers to all application installed on the device and not for debugging your own personal application. I cannot seem to reach that information (simulated crashes and anr's)

I tried this code:

ApplicationErrorReport appp = new ApplicationErrorReport();
CrashInfo test = appp.crashInfo;

but i get that test is null

How to get the crash information?

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In the ApplicationErrorReport API it says:

Create an uninitialized instance of ApplicationErrorReport.

This means that the "type" of error is undefined, so it's not a crash report and therefore the crashinfo is null.

EDIT: I took a look at the source code. You can instantiate the CrashInfo part via the method readFromParcel(in) where the first int in the parcel is the int corresponding to ApplicationErrorReport.TYPE_CRASH. Alternatively you can create a CrashInfo object yourself and assign it to the ApplicationErrorReport, but this again requires a parcel if you want to CrashInfo data to be filled.

I tried looking for code where it is used, but the only thing I could find is the ApplicationManagerNative (also using parcels).

        IBinder app = data.readStrongBinder();
        ApplicationErrorReport.CrashInfo ci = new ApplicationErrorReport.CrashInfo(data);
        handleApplicationCrash(app, ci);
        return true;
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thanks,can you elaborate this via code ? – senior Apr 2 '12 at 11:25
@senior check my edit – THelper Apr 2 '12 at 12:07

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