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I am using flexslider to showcase some of my portfolio work. I want to have each portfolio piece as a custom post type in Wordpress and to only load the first portfolio piece into flexslider on page load. I then want to use Ajax to load the next/ previous portfolio piece if user clicks on the next/previous button. How could I do this Ajax in Wordpress?

Many thanks

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A little dirty, but it works :)

Remember to set the directionNav to true.

                directionNav: true,
                slideshow: false, 
                controlsContainer: ".flex-container"

            $("#next-link").click(function() {
                $(".next", ".flex-direction-nav").trigger("click");;
            $("#prev-link").click(function() {
                $(".prev", ".flex-direction-nav").trigger("click");;

<a href="#" id="prev-link">Previous</a>
<a href="#" id="next-link">Next</a>
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I was looking for exactly the same thing, but as of now, Flexslider v1.8 has no way of doing this (comment from the developer).

However, Flexslider 2 will have a slider.addSlide() method that will allow for adding slides (details here).

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