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fd_domain([A, B, C], 0, 9), (A**(B+C)) #= ((A**B)*(A**C)).

Maybe some solutions? Seems ok ;P I am getting that specific error:

uncaught exception: error(instantiation_error,(#=)/2)
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The power function seems to have limitations. In the GNU Prolog doc wie find:

9.6.1 FD arithmetic expressions

That there is an error condition listed:

a sub-expression is of the form _ ** E and E is a variable instantiation_error


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In YAP or SWI, you can use library(clpfd) which also permits integer exponentiation. Propagation is not very strong, however.

?- use_module(library(clpfd)).
?- [A,B,C] ins 0..9, A^(B+C) #= A^B*A^C.
A in 0..9,
C in 0..9,
B in 0..9,
_C in 0..18
?- abs(X) #=< 7^7^7.
X in -37598235267....

Please note that intervals are not restricted to machine word sizes like 2^32 or 2^64.

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