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I'm using Spree 0.70.

In my home page view, I have the following to show a "featured" category:

<% @taxon = Taxon.find_by_permalink('featured', :include => :products) %>
<%= render :partial => 'shared/products', :locals => {:products => @taxon.products } %>

However, it's showing products that are deleted. How can I stop this?

I think @variant.deleted_at = nil may be what I need to use, but I'm not sure how to build that into the view.

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You should be using this query instead

This will not only not show products that are deleted, but will also not show products that have an available_on date set to after today.

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Oh dear - the answer was terribly simple.

<%= render :partial => 'shared/products', :locals => {:products => @taxon.products.where(:deleted_at => nil) } %>

(Still a noob with programming Ruby and Rails.)

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