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I am being approached by a client who (among other things) wants to implement social network login to his application in addition to his/her API, aiming at Facebook, twitter, and FourSquare. My client is setting up a web service.

Is there any 3rd party Library that will help for this? I know that for Facebook there exists the Facebook connect framework, but what about Twitter API and foursquare? Is there any decent iOS library for those? (for twitter, MGtwitterEngine seems a bit old, not having an update for over a year). I need to support iOS versions 4.3+, so Apple's twitter integration is not an option.

In addition, the web server's native HTTP API is based on tokens (login with the valid credentials, receiving a token, and make further requests to the server using HTTP with the token as a parameter). Will he need to do some extra work for supporting tokens received from Facebook, twitter, or anything else apart from the token from his own service during the login process?

Thank you in advance.

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Answering my own question:

  • For Foursquare, Constantine Fry's Foursquare API for iOS seems to be the best (if not only) choice right now.
  • For Twitter, you can use RSTwitterEngine, which uses RSOAuthEngine to get the twitter token. Writing custom callbacks is trivial from there on.
  • For Facebook, it's trivial using the official facebook API.
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