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public BrowserFieldDemoScreen()
        BrowserField mybroBrowserField=new BrowserField();
           <html><body><h1>hello world! This blackbery apps
           </h1></body></html>", "http://localhost");

I'm new in Blackberry application development, I have load html in browser and I have write code for that it works perfectly for more than OS version 5.

But I have create app for model number 8900 not working giveing some uncaught Exception. Please tell me what I have to change so that it should work on version also,

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You cannot use BrowserField class below Blackberry OS 5.0

Before running application go through sdk docs.

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The BlackBerry Facebook SDK was written to use embedded browser functionality, before (5.0) BrowserField was available. I believe that code is free to use and modify to your needs.

see the project here

Look in the sample code (scroll down the page) at his LoginScreen class.

You should be able to modify that class to serve your purposes. This particular class, of course, has a hardcoded URL that points to Facebook. You will obviously change that to accept whatever URLs you like, and remove other references to facebook classes you don't need. You will definitely need more than just the LoginScreen class, but all its dependencies should be available on that site.

Post a comment if there's any problems getting this to work. I have some other legacy code that does this successfully, but I'm not free to post it ... but quickly looking at the Baskoro code I linked to appears like it does basically the same thing.

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