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How can i go about defining a same table relation mapping (mappingbycode) using Nhibernate

for instance let's say I have a class:

public class Structure{
 public int structureId;
 public string structureName;
 public Structure rootStructure;

that references the same class as rootStructure.

 mapper.Class<Structure>(m =>
                m.Id(u => u.structureId, map => { map.Generator(Generators.Identity); });
                m.Property(c => c.structureName);
                m.? // Same table mapping 


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there is no special mapping for recursive mappings i am aware of. Just map it like you would map a collection of a different class. In your case this should work (untested though):

m.OneToOne(c => c.rootStructure, a => a.Lazy(LazyRelation.Proxy))

NHibernate will assume that the foreign key for this relation is stored on column rootStructure of the table associated to that class.

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