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I'm working with OpenCV SURF implementation.

I have found that keypoints, that are obtained by using if the SurfFeatureDetector with default parameters never found at octave 0 independently of the image.

Can somebody explain this result?

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It looks like a bug in the following function (it called from SURF::operator() in surf.cpp):

static int getPointOctave(const CvSURFPoint& kpt, const CvSURFParams& params)
    int octave = 0, layer = 0, best_octave = 0;
    float min_diff = FLT_MAX;
    for( octave = 1; octave < params.nOctaves; octave++ ) <---- octave counter starts from 1
        for( layer = 0; layer < params.nOctaveLayers; layer++ )
            float diff = std::abs(kpt.size - (float)((HAAR_SIZE0 + HAAR_SIZE_INC*layer) << octave));
            if( min_diff > diff )
                min_diff = diff;
                best_octave = octave;
                if( min_diff == 0 )
                return best_octave;
    return best_octave;

At the code that is written above, we can see that octave counter starts from 1. In accordance to the initialization of min_diff = FLT_MAX, the diff variable is obviously less than min_diff.

So, in case of nOctaves > 1, result best_octave will never be 0 even if we actually found keypoint at octave 0.

EDIT: This issue is fixed in the next release of the OpenCV (2.4)

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