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I have some data in this form (dictionary):

Value0  Text1
Value1  Text2
Value2  Text3
Value3  Text4
Value4  Text5

I now have to loop through an array which may have any random values.

foreach value in random array
    if value is between (value0 && value1)
    if value is between (value1 && value2)
    if value is between (value2 && value3)
    if value is between (value3 && value4)

The problem I am facing here is that the for each value of the array, I should be able to detect what range it is (greater than value 0 and lesser than value 1), and hence get the corresponding text. But, the dictionary is not a constant and can have any number of values and hence I cannot these if conditions as above. (For eg: the dictionary might have another entry Value5 Text6)

what would be a decent way to do this?

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You want to use an ordered dictionary then iterate through the set of entries remembering the last key-value pair that your value is less than or equal to. Then as soon as you find a key that's greater than your value stop and return. However I don't know what the best C# data structure for this is - SortedList? Or you can extract the keys from a different type of dictionary, sort them and iterate through that. (Ideally you'd want to find the greatest-less-than key without doing a complete iteration, e.g. a tree walk, but I don't know of a data structure implementation that does that either.) –  Rup Apr 2 '12 at 10:31

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You can't do this using a Dictionary<TKey,TValue>, because it doesn't keep the items in it ordered. But you can use a SortedDictionary<TKey, TValue> (or a SortedList<TKey, TValue>) to do this:

TValue GetValue<TKey, TValue>(SortedDictionary<TKey, TValue> dictionary, TKey key)
    var comparer = dictionary.Comparer;

    TValue result = default(TValue);

    foreach (var kvp in dictionary)
        if (comparer.Compare(key, kvp.Key) < 0)
            return result;

        result = kvp.Value;

    return result;
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