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I'm trying to invoke a Web Service using the Java API javax.xml.soap.* with this code:

QName serviceName = new QName("xxx","xxx", "xxx");
QName portName = new QName("xxx","xxx","xxx");
String endpointAddress = "xxx";
Service service = Service.create(serviceName);
service.addPort(portName, SOAPBinding.SOAP11HTTP_BINDING,endpointAddress);
Dispatch<SOAPMessage> dispatch =  service.createDispatch(portName,SOAPMessage.class,Service.Mode.MESSAGE);
BindingProvider bp = (BindingProvider) dispatch;

It works perfectly, I just want to know how to pass the the Cookie value on the HTTP header of this request? The webservice is configured with security and I'm not able to login.



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BindingProvider bp = (BindingProvider) dispatch;

                Collections.singletonMap("Cookie", Collections

This is the code to set the Header parameters.

I was using strange .jars provided by SAP, that was the problem.


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