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I am building application which need to have OOP style MySQL query builder. I want to be able to flexibly build complex queries using only PHP and get resulting query string for executing with my own database driver.

Do anyone know good standalone query builder for PHP. Please note that I don't need database driver I need bare MySQL query builder class (preferably written with camel style function and variable names).

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Finally I took Doctrine ORM

and modified it little bit to build SQL instead of DQL.

This works very nice and it able to construct complex queries.

Edit: You can find my final stable implementation in Stingle framework. Look at Db/QueryBuilder plugin.

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I have just released DSQL - Query Builder for PHP. It is exactly what you're looking for, no dependencies and has MIT license:

$query = new atk4\dsql\Query();
$query  ->table('employees')
echo "Employees born on May 2, 1961: ".$query->getOne();

More complex example

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The PhpToolCase library has a stand-alone query builder tool that is quite easy and handy to use.

There is full join support aswell:

And ya, it seems to be written with camel style function and variable names :)

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There is one version of query builder there (LGPL licenced). I haven't used it, but you might want to take a look at it, if it suits your purposes:

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This very good one, but it lack ability to make left, inner, outer joins. – Alex Amiryan Apr 2 '12 at 12:51
How can it be 'very good' yet not support joins? That's pretty much fundamental. It's also untouched for over 3 years, may have uncertain support on newer PHP versions. – Cylindric Apr 4 '12 at 16:24

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