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Can someone please tell me what the purpose of the after element in JHBuild is used for. I've search far and wide for the description and I'm at a loss on why I cannot find anything about this. Going on from this, I would like to know the difference between a dependencies, suggests, and after element. i.e. How does JHBuild treat these differently?


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  • dependencies are hard dependencies. Packages that are required to build a module.
  • suggests are soft dependencies. Packages might use them if they are installed (detected at build time) but if they are not present, they do not present a problem. These dependencies will be built, but they can be ignored without problems by using the argument --ignore-suggests. For instance, evolution can be built with or without nss support.
  • after are not strict dependencies, but they are needed at runtime to get some features. For instance, metacity is needed by mutter to have key binding settings in mutter.
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