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I got two tables, one of which is a helper of the other. The table "reviews" has a column which is an integer referencing to the id of the film of that review in the table "films". Is there a way to, after inserting in the table "films" a new film, use the last_insert_rowid in the table "reviews"?

I'm using SQLITE; I've seen uses with max(id) but it might not be as reliable. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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You can just simply use it as a value in your next insert, a'la;

INSERT INTO films (name) values ('Shark!');
INSERT INTO reviews (filmId,review) values (last_insert_rowid(), 'Good!');

Demo here.

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Thanks! I thought it only worked for the same table. Also, interesting site SQL Fiddle! I dind't know it existed. – user1264201 Apr 2 '12 at 12:27

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