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I have a string encoded in utf 8, I want to convert it to unicode, how can I do that?

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function onload(Event):void
RLDATA = myLoader.data.split(/\r\n|\n|\r/);
for (var i:int=0; i<RLDATA.length; i++){
var rowArray:Array = RLDATA[i].split(",");
RLDATA[i] = { Team_name: rowArray[0], team_id: rowArray[1], Player_name:
rowArray[2],Player_id: rowArray[3], player_rating_and_position: rowArray[4], tier:
rowArray[5],staminia: rowArray[6],speed: rowArray[7],
acceleration: rowArray[8],agility: rowArray[9], ball_handling: rowArray[10],   
tackle_ability: rowArray[11],break_tackle: rowArray[12], unknown: rowArray[13],  
jersey_position_number: rowArray[14]};

sheet.dataProvider = new DataProvider(RLDATA);


function update(event:MouseEvent):void {
for (var c:Number = 0; c < sheet.length - 1; c++) {  

CSV += sheet.getItemAt(c).Team_name + "," + sheet.getItemAt(c).team_id+ "," +   
sheet.getItemAt(c).Player_name+ "," + sheet.getItemAt(c).Player_id+ "," +   
sheet.getItemAt(c).player_rating_and_position+ "," + sheet.getItemAt(c).tier+ "," +
sheet.getItemAt(c).staminia+ "," + sheet.getItemAt(c).speed
+ "," + sheet.getItemAt(c).acceleration+ "," + sheet.getItemAt(c).agility+ "," +  
sheet.getItemAt(c).ball_handling+ "," + sheet.getItemAt(c).tackle_ability+ "," +
sheet.getItemAt(c).break_tackle+ "," + sheet.getItemAt(c).unknown+ "," +         
sheet.getItemAt(c).jersey_position_number+"\r\n" ;



function Writefile(event:MouseEvent) {
var file:FileReference = new FileReference();
var bytes:ByteArray = new ByteArray();

The above I used to populate a data grid known as "sheet" from a CVS files that was a list of games stats for the xbox game/Pc Rugby league. Above using the Split method, if you pasted some code some one could help you exactly what you were after hope this helps

Like i suggested if you have problems understanding this than google the SPLIT method, as the above code was written for my project not yours but you should be able to rework it for your project.

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I have checked Google, found absolutely nothing. –  user1307863 Apr 2 '12 at 11:27
I didn't downvote your answer. –  user1307863 Apr 2 '12 at 12:00
@parale The user who posted this question doesn't have enough rep to vote or downvote. I don't know who downvoted this, though, but the "check Google" response is the most likely cause. It is not considered appropriate on this site to tell people to "Go Search" for the answer. –  JeffryHouser Apr 2 '12 at 12:05
@parele: what the hell does this "answer" answer? You've shown how to read / write a csv using AS3. Not that OP's question is clear either... –  Pranav Hosangadi Apr 3 '12 at 4:11

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