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I need to load experimental data into scicoslab, a (pretty badly designed) clone of scilab which happens to support graphical modeling. The documentation on the web is pretty poor, but it's reasonably similar to scilab and octave.

The data I need to process is contained into a certain number of text files: Data_005, Data_010, …, Data_100. Each of them can be loaded using the -ascii flag for the loadmatfile command.

The problem comes from the fact that loadmatfile("foo", "-ascii") loads the file foo.mat into a variable named foo. In order to to cycle on the data files, I would need to do something like:

for i = [5:5:100]
    name = sprintf("Data_%02d", i);
    loadmatfile(name, "-ascii");
    x = read_var_from_name(name);

where what I search for is a builtin read_var_from_name which would allow me to access the internal symbol table by string.

Do you know if there exist a similar function?


  1. There's no way of overriding this behavior if your file is in ascii format;
  2. In this phase I could also use octave (no graphical modelling is involved), although it behaves in the same way.
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>> foo = 3.14; name = 'foo'; eval(name)

foo =


The above works in MATLAB, and Scilab's documentation says it also has an eval function. Not sure if I understood you correctly, though.

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Confirmed to be working under octave and scicoslab – Dacav Apr 2 '12 at 12:49

@arne.b has a good answer.

In your case you can also do that in matlab:

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Just wanted to say (as someone from a programming background where eval() is considered evil) thanks for pointing this out; I had no idea this syntax existed! – miken32 Jul 9 '15 at 17:23
@miken32 eval is indeed evil. – Oli Jul 15 '15 at 4:58

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